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The Bot Agency

In 2017, I launched The Bot Agency. A startup specialized in conversational and automatized chatbots.

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In 2017, the chatbot market was valued at $100 million and according to Global Market Insights, the amount is expected to jump in 2024 to 1.3 billion USD.

I thought:

This is the time to jump in it.

So, I created The Bot Agency, and started to make few chatbots that you can find on facebook:

So what is a chatbot ?

A chatbot is a robot, created to serve a specific task. Its main interaction domain is messaging platforms, and it will allow you to add event to your calendar, meditate, order flowers for your love, book an Uber, and many more. You have maybe encounter it on Facebook or Skype.

If you want to learn more about it, please have a look on this page :

To starts my first chatbots, I looked after few tools to help me in this processus, using Chatfuel, Botanalytics, or directly from scratch with NodeJS + Heroku.

For the last month (January 2019), SearchBot has got 100 new users, 400 conversations and 700 messages. That’s not awesome, but it keeps going up every day since the launch in September 2017. In total, it’s maybe around 2000 users, 10 000 conversations and 50 000 messages!

For MapBot, it’s a bit less… Around 400 total users and 100 conversations / months.

These results are not great, because the utility for this type of chatbots is not certain. I have some plans for more chatbots and I hope it will get some traction on niche markets.

Anyway, how to create a chatbot?

It’s pretty simple when you are a backend developer, when you know how to use APIs, and when you have some knowledge in a basic server-side language (php, python, …). I will publish tutorials about how to make chatbots in the next few months. I hope it will give you ideas ;)!

What is the last word about all of that? I have my chatbot agency, I’m still looking for customers, and I suggest you to contact me if you need one in the future.

We never know, your business might need an automated support for your customers?