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Algolia Extended

Algolia extended homepage

Algolia is a hosted search engine that can provide realtime search into your website for your users.

It provides environments linked to your applications and have these features availables. But it can be painfull to manage multiple environments.

Algolia homepage

Algolia Extended give you the possible to manage your multiple environment for your applications.

With this website, you can for example do these operations :

  • Full copy an environment (settings, datas, etc…) into a cleaned environment.
  • Duplicate partially an environment to a new one.
  • Full or partially clean an environment.

Algolia Extended doesn’t intend to replace Algolia native dashboard, just to give you more possibilities.

Algolia Extended isn’t affiliate with Algolia. Use it at your own risk, but be aware that no datas or api keys are collected ! You can find the code on github if you have any hesitations.