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This is the first project that I publish in my space

Finally, I’ve made up a choice of something that can clearly represent me online. I could have stayed with my github, or my linkedin. But this site is the way I found to express myself via a blog and where I can publish my projects more precisely.

Picture of my personal website

When I start a new project, I try to find the best tools to help me during the hard process of creation. From backend to frontend and passing by the devOps, there is so much choices that it’s sometime really hard not to get on the simplest solution : What you know and use every time. It could be really repetitive, so I think this first research can bring up interesting frameworks or methods to keep in mind for your new website.

I heard a few months ago about GatsbyJS on a discord dedicated for cryptocurrencies/blockchain. I just had a look, but this first look made me think:

Wow that's really cool, I should use that for one of my next project.

And here I am with this awesome ReactJS framework.

The advantage of using a framework, is that you don’t need to make up the wheel again… And many users of this framework have already done what you want to do. So I looked into the GatsbyJS starters, to find something really close to a personal website with maybe a blog, some contents already defined, a menu, a contact page, … I choose gastby-starter-lumen made up by the excellent Alexander Shelepenok. This starter comes with a plethora of possibilities like: Blog features, Pagination, Netlify CMS, Disqus, linting, Jest testing, SASS for the css, PostCSS, and many others. Really helpful to start developing quickly and really focus on the content/important features!

What about the hosting?

I discovered Netlify with this starter, and it’s really amazing to deploy and host web project directly from github without using a VPS or cloud provider like GCP or AWS. This type of service is really helpful if you don’t like to spend many hours on devOps. And the best? It’s FREE.

That’s pretty much anything about this first published project. Feel free to ask questions in the comments below and I hope you will find some interesting things in my space.