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Navette Facile

I first met the owner of back in 2016 when I was working for YHAPPS (your health applications). There was a close friendship between the founder of this startup and this person who would become one of my clients for more than a year.

The proprietor (let’s call him JL), had owned this site for 10 years, and he was in great need of a redesign from scratch.

For this project, we were three from Pykto working on it. (One at the frontend, one at the devOps and me at the backend).

Finally, the frontend dev left the project because of personal problems. But the design was done at 90%, so it wasn’t too difficult to finish it.

The project include many features such as :

  • A booking system where you decide a pick up point and a drop point, maybe some additionals steps, a date, a type a vehicule, and some options such as a baby-seat for your kid, etc.

Booking system on

  • A payment system with BRED, so the main passenger can have is booking approved.
  • An admin dashboard where our customer can manage the bookings, the users, the options …

Administration dashboard

  • Different types of user such a Particular, a Professional, a Transporter, an Admin, an Agency with a authentified account for all of them.
  • Many other features !

The challenge behind this project was not the new design, but the development of all the desired features in a short deadlines, as well as the management of this project, which took us a year to complete.

For the stack behind this project, we used a classic Laravel framework, Blade templating, Flexbox / Stylus for the css, Google Map API, Jenkins for the CI/CD.

Finally, the hosting is done by Planet-work, which is the customer’s choice. We would have prefer to do the hosting on our own server or in the cloud with Google.

If you ever come to Paris for a professional trip, feel free to use this service and give me a feedback. It is always good to have an opinion from a real user other than the main customer.